The launching of Kotak Kelana (boxes of books) at Rusunawa (low-cost housing complex)  Marunda – Cilincing, North Jakarta took place on December 21, 2014. This library is managed by the youth organization of the complex. They get 150 books at one yime, which are exchanged with fresh ones every two months.
































Yayasan Pustaka Kelana took part in the Jakarta Library and Archives Expo at Lapangan Banteng (Banteng Square) Central Jakarta from 11 to 14 December, 2014.











Foxxy, the hognose snake

Donation from Ms. Colleen Olinger on behalf of Yayasan Pustaka Kelana :

Greetings from the nature center in Los Alamos, New Mexico !

Our name is Pajarito Environmental Education Center (pajarito is Spanish for “little bird”). Colleen Olinger is one of our favorite volunteers at the center, where she is often busy greeting visitors, keeping statistics, helping with paperwork and many other tasks. She has now arranged an unusual gift for you – she has designated you as “adoptive parents” for one of the live animals in our exhibit hall. The animal will stay in the exhibits hall in her habitat and there will be a sign with your library’s name as “parents.” Colleen has “given” you Foxxy, the hognose snake.

Foxxy is very special to us and we wish you could see her. She is tame and likes to twist herself around someone’s fingers and ride around the nature center. She has attended this way many special events at the center. She was given to the exhibits hall by Terry Foxx, a very active botanist and artist who has been chairman of the Board of Directors at the center. She and her husband used this way to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

I have attached images of three of the items that would be sent to you in your new adoption packet if you were closer. I also will give printed copies to Colleen so that she can bring them to you during her next visit. She has told me about Yayason Pustaka Kelana; I think it must be wonderful to take books to people and watch them enjoy and learn! I will ask her to tell me more when I see her soon.


Welcome to our adoption program. gift ibu colleen


Esta Lee Albright, Volunteer in the Animal Adoption Program

Pajarito Environmental Education Center

Los Alamos, NM 87544


gift ibu colleen 3
gift ibu colleen 2











Story from Mr. Maximilian Brendle*

When I first heard that we are going to go to a school close to Ancol, I thought why are we going there since I visited Ancol before and to me this area did not look like it needs our help at all. Now I know that, despite Ancol is a beautiful place in Jakarta, the area surrounding it seems to have not been as lucky as Ancol itself when it comes to attentiveness and welfare from the goverment. After about an hour drive, in which we stuck in traffic, we reached the school and I cannot even describe how cheerful all the kids have been as soon as they have seen our little bus driving down the flooded road. All of them helped carrying our heavy boxes of books to their classroom, which was actually something I was expecting to do myself but at the time I got off our ride all of the boxes have been already gone – the children have been just way faster. It was wonderful to see all their faces smiling so much about some “new” books.

We entered the classroom and started to read to the kids. It was a book written in English to teach it to them at the same time. It was great reading to them since they have been unbelievably dilligent and they have been repeating every single word I said. Also, they have been curious and all of them have had so much fun, including me. After we have finished the book, its title is “Captain Ebeneezer” by the way, the kids had the opportunity to ask me anything they wanted. Fortunately my host sister was with us for this exercise since my Bahasa Indonesia is pretty bad and so sometimes it was very helpful to translate a couple of things. Such as : “where are you from ?”, “how old are you ?”, “are you married yet ?”, and “why are you sweating so much ?” Those are just some of the huge amount of questions they have asked and it was my pleasure to answer all of them joyfully and I think all of us have had once again a lot of fun !

Last but not least the kids had to solve a crossword and finally we took some pictures all together. It was my pleasure to be just a little part of this wonderful program, Yayasan Pustaka Kelana, bringing some books to kids which are nothing but happy about them. Important, funny and rewarding, those are the adjectives describing best what kind of experience this has been to me and I will never forget it – all of you who have made this possible, thank you very much for having given me such an opportunity and even more for bringing not just books but also happiness, hope, and education to some kids living under those circumstances.

*: AIESEC volunteer from Germany.