Yayasan Pustaka Kelana / The Wandering Books Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in 1995 by four professionals (Nasti M. Reksodiputro, Grace Wiradisastra, Riris K. Toha Sarumpaet, and Eliane Reksodipoetro) with the main purpose of increasing the interest in reading of children and young adults who have limited access to reading materials.
The Foundation was legalized on October 24th, 2005 by notary public Lolani Kurniati Irdham – Idroes. Pustaka Kelana, as it is usually referred to, tries to widen the horison and teach the members life skills through quality reading materials and activities.

The Pustaka Kelana Mobile Libray at the School for Street Children at Penjaringan North Jakarta.
Pustaka Mangkal, the community library, is equipped with a computer to increase the visitors’ knowledge.
In 2012, Mrs. Nasti Reksodiputro received the Outstanding Volunteer Award in Beijing from the East West Center for managing Yayasan Pustaka Kelana.