Board of Trustees :

  • Nasti M. Reksodiputro
  • Grace Wiradisastra
  • Riris K Toha Sarumpaet
  • Eliane Reksodipoetro

Board of Management

Chairperson : Mardjono Reksodiputro
Secretary : Arvinia Soedjarwo
Treasurer : Sri Boediarti Soedarsono

Board of Trustees:

  • Hadidjojo Nitimihardjo
  • Nugroho Wisnumurti


Our Ideals :

We hope that the interest and support of the community will enable us to offer more to Indonesian children and young adults. Increased financial support will allow us to expand our library and its activities, so that the readers can benefit more from the facilities that the library can offer.

Our Vision :

We endeavor to promote good reading habits that support the intellectual and social development of Indonesians through networking and high quality professional guidance.

Our Mission :

To be a facilitator that provides reading materials in the Indonesian and English languages for children, young adults, and other interested people through the mobile library and other programs and to cooperate and partner with community leaders, schools, and other institutions.




In 1995, realizing that a high competency in reading is essential for the intellectual development of a person, four educators established a non-profit foundation, Yayasan Pustaka Kelana, with the main objective of promoting the love of reading in children and young adults.

The first mobile library was launched on September 14th, 1996 by Professor Dr. Ing. Wardiman Djojonegoro, then the Minister of Education and Culture. The mobile was donated by the Association of German Alumni (Vereinigung Deutscher Alumni).

Mendikbud Wardiman mengunjungi mobil Pustaka Kelana







Through the mobile library, Yayasan Pustaka Kelana has tried to reach as many children and young adults as possible, guiding them to read effectively and efficiently. The readers are not only invited to read Indonesian books but also English materials, initially made possible by the British Council through the donation of their children’s collection to Yayasan Pustaka Kelana. The ability to read English books opens many doors towards the acquisition of knowledge for children and young adults.


To promote competence in English, we also facilitated English teachers at elementary schools in forming the East Jakarta English Teachers’ Collaborative Group. This group holds session during which they exchange practical ideas in teaching. Meeting facilitators are Indonesian and English native speakers.


In its more than 21 years of existence, YPK’s book collection has grown to more than eighteen thousand books, not including its magazine and small multimedia collections.

An additional car (Mitsubishi L-300), was donated by Citibank Peka, that supported the Foundation for five years (1998-2003). The donation consisted of the vehicle, operational costs, manpower (volunteers, employees of Citibank who helped teach at schools).



The Rotary Club International also donated a Mitsubishi L-300 vehicle in 2003, which unfortunately could not be operated any longer in 2009.






A.I.A Financial lent Pustaka Kelana a Toyota Avanza from 2010 to 2011 in order to visit 3 locations weekly.






kerjasama dengan TAFThe Asia Foundation sponsored visits to SAJA (a learning center for street children) at Penjaringan, North Jakarta from September 2012 to April 2014 (see








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Telepon : +6221-47882156, +6221-98147087, Facsimile : +6221-47882156

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